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Why Is Jesus So Nosy?

“Are you supposed to be here or are you on the cut list?” Racine softball Coach Charlie Collins barks out the question to left fielder Shirley Baker in the 1992 movie, A League of Their Own. It’s the critical moment after tryouts when 64 women will have made four teams in the first all-female baseball league. Read More

40 Days to Lift Your Gaze

Do you give up anything for Lent? Maybe it’s chocolate. Or carbs. Maybe you go to DEFCON 1 by giving up shopping on Amazon. This year, what if you gave up your right to be mad at someone? Oh snap.  Let me walk that back. Maybe there’s pain. Or you’re estranged from someone you love. Read More

My 1982 kitchen cabinets — Exhibit A for ‘in everything give thanks’

When the pilgrims gave thanks in 1621, they’d lost half of their original group to malnutrition and scurvy. When Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a federal holiday in 1863, our country was headlong and halfway into the deadliest toll any war would take on American life. In everything give thanks. It’s an unreasonable response to being Read More

Taillights, Empty Nest, and a Prayer for the Mamas

It’s amazing what taillights do to a mom’s heart. My 17-year-old Man Cub drove off to get a haircut and hang out with friends today. His hands were at 10 and 2. He checked his mirrors. His seatbelt was secure. But those taillights. They trigger feelings. It’s wonderful and terrible to watch our kids drive Read More

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