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For the Mommas Who Lost A Child

“Hi,” the 11-year-old kid said, interrupting my morning walk with a one-syllable sledgehammer. It was just a nicety during a jog with his mom. I don’t think his voice had changed yet. He needed a haircut. I know he’s 11 because the summer his mom and I were 40-year-old swim team moms, our jokes about Read More

Clapping Back Against a Virus She Didn’t Earn

• Day S I X • Harvester Island Writers Workshop Thursday, Sept. 8, 2022 Today it’s my joy to tell the story of my new friend Dorah Dunigan. She embodies my favorite things: a deep love for Jesus, an overcoming spirit, joy against the odds, and a quick, good-natured wit that she calls “clapping back.” On Thursday, Read More

Enter, the Cranky Editor and the Rain

• Day F I V E • Harvester Island Writers Workshop Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2022 Back in Alaska, we’re deep into the guts of writing scene.  “We sent the editor away yesterday, but today we’re going to bring her back. We need the editor, even if she’s cranky,” Leslie says. For me, the editor is always cranky. Read More

Fears, Fin Whales, and Friendships

• Day T W O • Harvester Island Writers Workshop Sunday, Sept. 4, 2022 Writing camp starts today at Harvester Island, the Fields’ family’s commercial salmon fishing operation. Leslie calls it the “Kingdom of Clean Enough.” We haven’t tested her theory yet. We’ll ease into the morning with lattés, foot massages, and soft music to nurture our Read More

Falling in Love with Nouns and Verbs

• Day O N E • Harvester Island Writers Workshop Saturday, Sept. 3, 2022 It’s noon. A spit-polished group of strangers pack tightly into the living room of Leslie Leyland Fields, our host and writing instructor for the Harvester Island Writers’ Workshop. She’s in my Mount Rushmore of writers. I try to stay chill and not to Read More

Feeling Worthless? Time to Restore Factory Settings.

I wonder if anyone feels worthless today. Worth less at 50 than at 30. Worth less single than married. Worth less without the job title than with it. Worth. Less. If you’d like a rah-rah, straighten-your-crown soundbite, keep surfing the Internet, you’ll find it somewhere. But If you’d like an unabated truth bomb that transforms Read More

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