For All Women:

  • Live Hands-Free: Learn actionable, Biblical strategies for setting down the bags (and baggage!) God never asked you to carry. Go hands-free and step into the beauty of your calling. (Signature talk)
  • Go Get Your Life: Create a life defined by faith, freedom and the lost art of FUN! (Signature talk) — An unshakeable faith and courageous steps into freedom lead to more FUN. This isn’t a goal; it’s a byproduct. We’ll unpack scriptures that offer proof.
  • Cling to Christ in a Crazy World — a surprising and timely trip through John 15
  • Navigate Family Dysfunction — no matter what your family of origin looks like, you can overcome setbacks, injuries, and even abuse to carve health now and moving forward.
  • Stand Strong Even When the Earth Moves — We’ll take a trip through 10 Old Testament instances in which God likens Himself to a rock, a fortress or a foundation. Surprising results await for the woman ready to shift her weight onto God’s strong foundation.
  • Find Rest in a Go-Go-Go World — Look at how Jesus withdrew, prayed, and rested — even when a boat was about to go down — for cues on how and why rest is essential for health and ministry.

For Moms:

  • Live Hands-Free: Learn actionable, Biblical strategies for setting down the bags (and baggage, like mom-guilt) God never asked you to carry. Go hands-free and step into the beauty of your calling. (Signature talk)
  • Be a Cycle Breaker: Parent your kids from a place of forward focus, not a place of backward bondage
  • Kick Mom Guilt to the Curb
  • Build Soft Walls with Hard Family
  • Heal after Miscarriage
  • Grow Caring Kids

Retreat Topics

From Rubble to Rebuilt: Whether you’re rebuilding your family, your marriage, your health, or your dreams, Nehemiah offers life-changing strategies to help you build strong. Four sessions.

Go Get Your Life! Shift Your Feet (Finding God’s Foundation) / Train Your Ears (Listening to God’s Voice) / Free Your Hands (Worshipping in God’s Presence) / Use your Voice (Ministering in God’s Name)

Living Beyond Your Labels: Ignite your true you by kicking shame, comparison, and crutches to the curb: Identity Thieves / Identity Truths / Identity Outcomes

Just Open That Book: Learn How To Make God’s Word Come Alive In Your Life: Tips, Helps, and Hacks for Getting Started and Staying Steady / Diving Deeper / Realizing it’s all Greek (or Hebrew) To Me

2023 Speaking Calendar

January 31: Rockpoint Women “The Living Room” Bible Study kick-off session, Rock Point Church, Queen Creek AZ

February 17-19: Read. Pray. Fellowship. Retreat, Rough Acres Ranch, San Diego

September 22: Leaders in Fellowship Together (LIFT) keynote: Standing Strong in a Topsy-Turvy World

Contact, Bio, All the Things

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Short bio: Laurie Davies helps women of all ages set bags down that God didn’t ask them to carry. Whether it’s shame, worry, fear, or other baggage, Laurie has had a front-row seat to the toll that accumulation of stuff—both physical and emotional—can take on a life. God offers a better way! Laurie has been featured in Guideposts, Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Joyful Life magazine. Her writing can be found at lauriedavies.life.

Expanded bio:

A journalist and marketer-turned-ministry leader, Laurie Davies has been writing since her advanced composition teacher told her in 1989 that she broke too many rules. Laurie worked as a journalist and marketing professional for 25 years before making the next, obvious career move—a leap into vocational ministry.

Now a lay counselor, author and speaker, Laurie helps women set down bags (and baggage) that God didn’t ask them to carry. Laurie has contributed to Guideposts, Chicken Soup for the Soul and is the resident writer on difficult family dynamics for The Joyful Life Magazine. She also serves on Shaunti Feldhahn’s editorial staff as lead editor. Laurie lives in the Phoenix-area with her husband Greg and her son Morgan, who is the best story she’s ever written. Her puppy Pearl also works her way (constantly and adorably) into the Davies’ family narrative.

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