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The Day God Opened His Zoo

• Day F O U R • Harvester Island Writers Workshop Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2022 Some days just gob smack you. You know that another day could never be like it, even if it tried. At the end of the thing, you exhale hard and thank God for making you feel alive again. Today is that day. Read More

God Smiling, Hands on the Curtain

• Day T H R E E • Harvester Island Writers Workshop Monday, Sept. 5, 2022 I believe when something amazing is around the corner, God anticipates. Ready to pull back the curtain. Ready to show us that Jeremiah 29:11 has been true all along and He can’t wait to open up His big, wild world to Read More

Justice vs. mercy and other lessons from a teenage driver

I should have known something was wrong. My son never uses his phone as a phone. And he was calling me during rush hour. Turns out there’s no messing with a mom’s intuition. My son had just been rear-ended on the freeway — it was a chain-reaction, quick-stop situation and he got plowed from behind. Read More

The best story ever written

Years ago, my magazine editor sent me to solve a mystery about the best-selling single of all time. You might have heard the tune. Everyone from U2 to T-Swift, from Elvis to Alvin (and the Chipmunks) has recorded it. And who could ever forget Bing Crosby crooning it? White Christmas. My assignment was to find Read More

My 1982 kitchen cabinets — Exhibit A for ‘in everything give thanks’

When the pilgrims gave thanks in 1621, they’d lost half of their original group to malnutrition and scurvy. When Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a federal holiday in 1863, our country was headlong and halfway into the deadliest toll any war would take on American life. In everything give thanks. It’s an unreasonable response to being Read More

Well, It’s About Time

In college, my media law professor exacted a very strict on-time rule. If you weren’t on time, you weren’t present. And if you weren’t present you didn’t get credit for the day’s pop quizzes, exams or homework. We knew who the pushover profs were. And none of them were named Steve Helle. When graduation day Read More

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