Category: Rest

Stop Tyranny of the Urgent in Its Tracks

I’ve been focusing hard on work-life imbalance lately. You know how it goes. One day it’s January and you’re all resolutioned up about food, finances, and fitness. The next day it’s almost June, you look like you’re at central casting for a zombie apocalypse film, and you wonder what normal people with hobbies do on Read More

Looking For Rest? It’s Found in a Four-Letter Word.

I once wrote a twenty-word “fast fact” for a corporate report that got slapped with a 200-word disclaimer by the legal team. Imagine, twenty words saddled with ten times their weight in unwieldly corporate claptrap—connected through an asterisk and buried in 8-point type. Makes me think. I’m so glad Jesus didn’t complicate things. He just Read More

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