Does the Greeting Card Aisle Break your Heart on Mother’s Day?

The greeting card aisle is a great place — except when it’s not. Sometimes our closest relationships are painful relationships. They’re difficult, divided, or estranged.

When major days — Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays — roll around we’re left with a decision that basically has three doors: 

  1. “Buy the lie” by purchasing a card that says “thank you for always being there for me” while you sink inside.
  2. Buy a card that’s blank inside.
  3. Skip it altogether.

None of those feel right.

I’ve written a greeting card line that might help. Right now, for a limited time (and quantity), I’m giving away the first 250 cards. All you have to do is sign up for my monthly e-newsletter. I’ll follow up with you to get your mailing address, and you’ll receive this card in the mail at no cost.

I hope this helps you honor your mom this Mother’s Day.

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