Author: Laurie Davies

How to Survive the Family Blame Game

Accusation. If you’ve been falsely accused, that very word leads to a jarring, churning pit-in-the-stomach place. Its roots mean “toward” and “lawsuit.” It’s a guilty-until-proven innocent word.  If we’re guilty, accusation is the moment of truth. If we’re innocent, accusation is the truth of the moment. Scripture captures this idea. “The first to speak in Read More

Stop Tyranny of the Urgent in Its Tracks

I’ve been focusing hard on work-life imbalance lately. You know how it goes. One day it’s January and you’re all resolutioned up about food, finances, and fitness. The next day it’s almost June, you look like you’re at central casting for a zombie apocalypse film, and you wonder what normal people with hobbies do on Read More

What to do in uncertain times? A 10-year-old kid shows the way.

What To Do In Uncertain Times

Sometimes research takes me unexpected places—like to the incredible story of a 10-year-old who once helped NASA’s $55 million space capsule splash down safely. Greg Force, now in his 60s, was 10 when Apollo 11 began its journey from the moon back to earth. And Houston, boy was there a problem. A tracking station in Read More

What’s Your Happy Place?

What’s your happy place? Where have you felt loved and safe? My first and fast thought in response to this prompt, offered by my incomparable niece Catherine Baker of Together at the 2022 ReSet Retreat, was this: a two-story white farmhouse framed by rows of corn in Carlinville, Illinois. Norman Rockwell could have brought that Read More

Can God Love Someone Like Me?

Why does new love come with so much exhaustion? I have a new puppy named Pearl. It’s a good thing she’s precious because my always-on, keep-her-from-destroying-stuff-or-hurting-herself posture has me running tired. I feel like a new mom, only there’s 20 more years of wear and tear this time around. Honestly, I feel like I’m running a Read More

Do You Want Life to the Fullest?

Have you ever taken a trip to “get away” but your problems followed you to paradise? Honest show of hands—did any of you escape the COVID lockdown only to discover you’re still a little worn down or torn down? Does life to the fullest feel out of reach? Vacations don’t really fix this. Neither do Read More

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